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[yelling] >> sean: welcome to "hannity." twisted and dark soul of liberalism.
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the republicans' state legislature. workers will no longer be required to pay union fees as a condition of employment. as a result, more jobs are probably going to come to michigan. as a result, this modest, very reasonable growth-oriented law, organized labor has gone insane and now resorted to violence, which is perfectly predictable since as the national review puts it, is so well organized, it's labor's business model to mechanically, well, identify and use extortion. it is in the name of the extortionist trade to resort to violence when they are frustrated. fox news contributor was beaten by a mob, having been punched repeatedly in the face. protesters wielding knives for the conservative group, americans for prosperity, housing women and children and
9:03 pm
old people and bystanders and they were ruffed up. a democratic legislature declared on the floor of the statehouse, there will be blood, there will be repercussions. jimmy hoffa from the international brotherhood of teamsters says he expects a, quote, civil war. we will have more on the fret threats coming up in the hour. what are we to make of all this violence, all of this ugliness? what is happening in lansing is part of a trend that we have seen similar acts of violence in madison, wisconsin, in response to governor scott walker's lawful decision to end collective bargaining and we saw example after example of sexual assault, rape, arson, violence, defecate ago police cars in the occupy wall street protest. the left is becoming increasingly vshs and violent, believing they have a right to physically intimidate and harm
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their political opponents. this is the kind of stuff you would expect to see in a banana republic, not the united states of america this. needs to be condemn in the strongest language possible and more importantly, the thugs committing these acts of violence need to be restrained and arrested. law & order has to prevail. if it doesn't, this violence will spread, there will be blood in the streets and at some point, some people may in fact die. that's the course we are currently -- the violence that we are seeing is, in part, a response to desperation by the labor movement. they know that the stars are aligned against them. they know their best days are in the past, not the future. they know they are losing membership, influence and power, even in states that are the birth place of the labor movement. as their power reside, their anger rises. as their anger rises, they are lashing out, using very dangerous rhetoric and violence. this is not going to work. point number 3, the mainstream media is once again showing an
9:05 pm
unbelievable double standard. tonight, we are dedicating an entire segment to this. number 4, president civility, president obama, who is so quick and eager to preach to republicans and conservatives about the importance of respectful public discourse never, ever condemns in powerful terms, the violence of the left. to be sure, obama doesn't condone violence. here and there, he hints through a spokesperson that as a general matter, he doesn't like the violence. but the criticisms issue as gentle as can be and never specific to groups like the labor movement, that are committing these acts of violence. so why doesn't the president speak out in a forceful, candid, unvarnished and direct way so he can rein in the expresses of his own ally, the people and the groups that he has the most influence on. that's what he should do. if he doesn't continue do to do that, it will be a problem in america. steven crowder is here who, was at the lansing rally yesterday,
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along with a union supporter, andy sullivan. gentlemen, welcome back to "hannity." >> thank you. >> sean: steve, let's start with an update yesterday. the left has been attacking you all day. your injuries, okay? >> sure. >> yeah. i'm fine, i am tough enough to take the best shot that the gelatinous union can throw at me. i'm fine. thank you for asking. >> sean: okay. union guys, collapsing the tent. they are denying that, saying it's not true. you are there -- >> yeah -- [laughter] -- i was there. yeah. there is so much -- here's the thing. people can say i edited the video, took it out of context. okay, what about the hours and hours with hundreds of cameras online. you can find more footage than you could watch in a lifetime. this occurred with hundreds of people, tearing down the tent with women in there, yelling, tear down one more tent, tear down one more tent, cussing them
9:07 pm
out, making death threats. please, google it! i encourage you to. >> sean: all right. you are saying, steve is asking a simple question. you see the reaction, you saw the punches. you saw the tent come down, women in there. my question to you, you claim he's inciting this violence. >> listen, 50 off that, tape was very well edited. i happen to have seen some footage, where it looked like he pushed a guy down to the ground. that was the fellow that was striking him. and that's the way it looked to me. if that was the case-- wait a minute. we showed the tape -- >> no, you are missing-- steve -- >> no, you are missing what i saw in the room -- >> hold on -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i saw that guy's back go down. then he came up -- >> he did go down. >> what is that? >> he was attacking a tent with women and children in it. >> he was atabbing a tent. what were you doing? >> we were trying to prevent
9:08 pm
people from being hurt in the tent. >> you are a liar, sir! you your unions are being swallowed. these are babies flailing. they are violent. this was not an isolated event. look around you, man! >> you should be so proud, taking pot shots at these people who are terrified about losing their jobs -- >> you know what a pot shot is! >> that's what i. you know what a pot shot is?! >> these people are despras. they are -- dpes prat. people, including the leadership , are taking advantage of them and using them. believe me, i don't advocate any of this violence. >> sean: you didn't push anybody. you sent me the raw tape. i looked at it a number of times. i got the unedited tape, right? >> you got the unedited tape. listen! it was a melee! everyone was grabbing and pulling and trying to keep the tent from being torn down! okay?! that was a melee. if i walked up to someone and
9:09 pm
said union sucks, that doesn't merit shots to the face. as far as people being afleyed, you know what? they should be afraid! the unions threaten their own job security. you look at the manufacturing job, the single greatest threat to your job security, your company being shut down if you are in a union that burdens the company with costs that they can't bear! >> steven, i don't need to be schooled by you. okay? -- >> well, youust were! you just were! >> let me explain to you something about unions, including the studio i am sitting in right now, i built. okay, my friend? everything from the financial center up to yankee stadium -- >> congratulations. >> has been built by union labor. stop demonizing them -- >> they were built by americans. >> demonized. okay. the people who are causing this labor dispute is the leadership. and of course, at the end of it -- >> it's the people of michigan! >> sean: let me go -- >> it's the people of michigan!
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>> sean: you are one of the few union people who criticizes leadership -- wait a minute. i agree with you. but here's the question. they are force ago you can't work at a company unless you join the union that you don't want to join, pay duce you don't want to pay and they take the leadership -- they take money and donate to political parties you don't want to donate to. what's wrong with the right to work? what's wrong with the freedom of choice? >> i think that's too extreme, the right to work, as far as altering. i would be for eye think the way the unions are set up right now is almost like a dictatorship. it's a single-party rule. i think right now, the g.o.p. is missing out on a golden opportunity. i wish somebody from the republican party would reach out to unions and have a competing party to advocate representation-- union guys take on leadership. what they do to rank-and-file money is unconscionable.
9:11 pm
>> i concur. >> sean: wow. steve, last word? >> okay. listen. unions are parasite who is eat their host alive. g.n. looked for a new host-- the taxpayer. in michigan, the parasites are looking fora i new host -- forcing michigan citizen who is do not want them there to be press into unions that they don't want to join. >> stop blaming the rank-and-file union member. they are not the ones causing this. it's the leadership -- >> yes, they are! >> after steven had his hans -- >> they pulled down a tent! it's not me! it's hundreds of people who were in a tent! come on, man! let's be honest! >> there were flame throwers and cancer patients everywhere. a little more dramatic. >> sean: thanks for being with us. the violence demonstrated by the union protesters is undeniable, the proof is in the footage. why did the mainstream media show none of this? we will look at the phony narrative. plus, tonight, we will check in
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as the protest in michigan turned violent, with pro-union demonstrators tearing down the tent for americans for prosperity, we reported it here on the fox newschannel. that was not the case with the broadcast networks, even though the story broke hours before the
9:16 pm
nightly newscast. instead the mainstream media absolutely ignored the violence and instead, they reported on the protests -- well, this nice way. >> reporter: thousands of union workers disebded on the capitol to protest a new law they believe could be an ominous signal for unions and worker paychecks everywhere. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: the anger boiling over. ... officers turning to pepper spray to control the crowd at least 10,000 deep. >> union members across michigan special other states voiced their anger at the michigan capitol. >> this law will go into effect sometime in the spring. tell dramatically change things here in michigan. >> after a boisterous day at the state capitol? boisterous day, so much for hard-hitting reporting. some liberals are spreading lies that the american for prosperity tent was pulled down by its own
9:17 pm
people. the left-wing spin never ends. joining me jay seculo and juan williams. you know, juan, i understand, during the 2010 heyday of the tea party movement, the press -- they searched for instances of violence and racism, when they couldn't find it -- they just made it up. guto a tea party rally, you know. >> , there was a tea party group because they leave the place cleaner than when they go and they sing "god bless america." why wouldn't they report the violence and show what we did. >> it's a terrific double standard. i don't think there is any question that this is something that stops people from having honest debate and honest discussion. it is thuggery. it needs to be illuminated by the american media left wing or right wing. when i am looking at the left-wing cable and the mainstream, the broadcast networks last night. i saw none of it. i had to come to fox. you and i don't agree on much, but we agree on this, especially
9:18 pm
the idea that they are tearing down one side's tent. i don't think you can have that in a free democratic society unless have you mob rule. and that's just not right, sean. >> sean: i appreciate your intellectual honesty. jay, the point is, they don't report t. they didn't show it. it was available, on the internet, it was everywhere. they knew it existed. and they decided not to air it -- >> yeah, the reality is, that you know -- juan and i agree on this, i think it's not only a double standard, but the idea that the reporters were hiding that this was typical free speech. this was anything but. you mention the the tea party protests. those were orderly. it reminds me of the dual standard employed during the protests on the abortion issue, where they tried to make the pro-lifers, kneeling kneeling ag in front of a clinic, as if they were thugs. this is thuggery. this is not free speech. this is criminal activity, going on in front of the capitol or inside the capitol. nobody reports that, except fox news. sean, this is the real problem
9:19 pm
here. what did the government do? he signed a law that is also in effect in 24 other states, called right-to-work legislation. some people agree with it. some people do not. the fact of the matter is, all it says is that to work in a particular place, you don't have to join a union-- that's it. >> the networks who have the liberal idea of choice and freedom, how come the worker shouldn't be free to make the choice and give it accurate reporting? instead, you have reporters -- by the way, there was a police officer that was hit also. that didn't get reported -- >> now -- this is where jay and i -- [overlapping dialogue] >> this is where jay and i part company [overlapping dialogue] >> i'm sorry? go ahead, hain. >> because what you have here is a situation where, you know, like the biggest contributors to political campaigns in america are on the conservative side and big business. big business is putting mony into this effort to attack unions. we have seen a decline in union
9:20 pm
membership and dues since the 1960s-- wait a minute, juan -- >> with that, we have seen a real expansion of income inequality in this could you wantry and the decline of the american middle class? unions have put millions into supporting this president, democratic causes -- >> absolutely. >> sean: where's president civility that was so willing to talk about the disgusting youtube video that had ink to do -- had nothing to do with benghazi. >> you are ignoring i said 7 out of 10 top political contributors are on the conservative side, big business. people like the koch brothers and others, that's what is driving all of the conservatives. >> this is the real problem with the debate. if you want to have an honest and fair debate, juan, over right-to-work legislation, we have that -- >> let's do it. >> my grandfather was a union electrician. this is not about unions going out of business, this is about unions have been to compete for the individual employee that
9:21 pm
they make that choice, whether they want to join the union or not, mandating membership in the union is what right to work is about. you know, that's not right in america? we are going to come back -- >> to join an association-- hang on, guys. we are going to come back. we will get into the pacifics of right to work and i will ask juan again, where's president civility? these are in of his biggest supporters. where is he telling them to knock it off. more with jay and juan. and the violence that we have been witnessing in lansing. this is not the first of its kind. when it comes to union thuggero display. we will look at the left in america. the left and the right, the tea party movement. why are they always involved in violence from up on to ga-20 summits. we will take a trip down memory lane with michelle malkin and the right to work lieu laws with the new governor is getting death threats over enacting the legislation. we'll look at some of the other dangerous threats being made as
9:22 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." juan, i look at the issue, right to work, to me, it's very basic. you are supposed to be a pro-choice liberal. but here, in this instance,
9:26 pm
people who want to work, don't have the freedom to work. they are forced to join the union, forced to pay mon tote union and the unions spend the monoa political party they don't agree with -- that's not freedom. that's not liberty. that's not pro-choice. why wouldn't you support the right of people to choose? >> that's an out-of-context descringz of the problem. the problem is without unions, there is no counterforce to big business-- it's legalized theft -- >> give me a chance. there is no counter force to big business to people who say, let's cut the salaries and outsource your job, everybody's only about profit and it is not about making sure that employers-- you want the government -- [overlapping dialogue] >> it's called forced association. our founders would be in shock understanding that to get a particular job, you had to join an association that you may fundamentally disagree with, as the cost of employment. it is forced association. it is not protected by the first
9:27 pm
amendment. it is forced association. the right-to-work laws don't eliminate the unions-- that's right -- let me bring up one point. a lot of good unions in detroit, they have lost half their population, they are going bankrupt. they are bulldozing entire neighborhoods to consolidate services, thousand-dollar homes exist there. a lot of good they did there and with hostess when they wouldn't negotiate with management, juan. do you not agree the pendulum has swung and the unions go too far? >> i think the unions too do sometimes go too far and the union leadership can be excessive, especially in the public sector. i think what is going on with the teachers union does not serve the interest of educating children. but in the private sector, this is where i am arguing -- i think you to have someone who stands up for the individual worker because the individual worker can't lobby for a contract against a big corporations and big business. you will get the little guy crushed. you should stand up for the little guy --
9:28 pm
>> look at the evidence and the states that have right-to-work legislation, employees do much better and economically. the companies are growing, the state gets more revenue because people are making more money. the fact of the matter is, the unions are having trouble competing in the marketplace. why is that? because the cost of doing business with the union it's. >> jay, have you more income inequality, that's why you have the governors-- governors -- [overlapping dialogue] >> rather than having an honest debate. you want to talk about it and i am listening. but you don't see that from the governors -- wait a minute! >> sean: they were duly elected. you don't see it from the unions that are throwing punches and knocking down tents on old people either, juan. >> we all agree that's wrong. >> there we go. >> sean: some agreement out of juan. there is hope. i am working on it. good to see you both. coming up, michelle malconshow -- malkin shows us how the left extremism is
9:29 pm
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>> >> sean: they are coming for you. that's a mere sample of the left's reaction to the painful defeat. but it certainly doesn't end there. union leaders are resorting to the panic button and resorting to downright dangerous language. we have this from the teamsters president, jimmy hoffa. >> this is just the first round of a battle that is going to divide the state. we are going to have a civil war. >> sean: civil war, hoffa's
9:34 pm
threat is just the beginning. reverend jesse jackson ark peers to be presenting a massive demonstration. >> these workers in this state must not fight back and draw a line in the sand. i am going to invest a major one-day strike. a major one-day march on washington for jobs and justice. >> sean: the prospectsave civil war, nationwide strike and the death threats leveled at governor rick snyder. one read, i want to shoot governor snyder in his eye. another lists the names of the family members saying, you blank our families, we kill yours. joining me with reaction, good to see you, both. good to see you with us. union violence is not new. we have seen it before. up on violence, we chronicled that. g-8, j-20, all of these summits. you see the radical left. the tea party, they are putting
9:35 pm
their hands over their hearts, pledging allegiance, singing "god bless america" and cleaning up after themselves. and the media tries to play up things that didn't happen. why is there the double standard and what do you say to the violent people on your sideanism viseen violent people on your side, sean. >> sean: who? >> i remember during the affordable care act legislation, before it was passed, death threat it's. >> sean: where? >> what do you mean? on voice mail of congressional democrats. some of them left being in congress because they were like, i'm done with this. either way, left or right, violence is wrong -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: i don't remember this. katie, do you? >> andrew breitbart offered $100,000 for video evidence that any of that occurred. so i think that those allegations are reckless -- >> it was an audio on on voice mail. >> where's the audio? okay. i would be happy to take a look
9:36 pm
at that. the fact is that there have never been riot police at a tea party rally. i have been to multiple of them. there have never been threats 6 violence. there has never been anyone punched in the face. i want to folk russ on -- focus on why this occurred. why were americans for prosperity targetd? it was a very specific group who had their tent torn down. president obama has made the conservative americans for prosperity, enemy number 1 since the day they started four years ago. he has been touringarn the country for years, saying americans for prosperity is a group that unions should be concerned he told unions to be concerned about them. why? because he wanted them to know that when they showed up at their unionerally, they should be a target, not to mention just a month ago -- a couple of months ago, president obama was pressuring americans for prosperity to release their donor pages so the names of the donors to americans for
9:37 pm
prosperity would be public so these types of union people could go and intimidate private citizens. this is something president obama set up. it's something he is not willing to take responsibility for, despite going to michigan the day before this violent rally and giving them his full support. >> sean: look at this. look at the shots and the tent being knocked down by the union thugs. by the way, i worked in the restaurant business, leslie, construction, every job imaginable. i did this for deckate -- decades. i have a blue-collar background. you know, you just don't understand this. why not just allow people to choose to be in the union? why not? why do they have to force them to be in, force them to pay and not give them the choice of whether or not they want to be in? >> i am all for choice, as you know, across the board -- however! -- [overlapping dialogue] >> however, i don't support when you benefit from what a union
9:38 pm
does provide-- so you are going to force them i. you know, as someone who worked in blue collar, you know that the union protects you from the big corporations. the union fights for you-- did you see the video. >> fighting for people who are not paying dues and they will benefit from what the union workers are paying dues for. >> sean: remember the guys moking pot on the job and drink -- they got rehired? i never had union protection. i never had protection in the restaurant business, waitering, bartender. >> you didn't have any protection, no regulation --a any of the construction sites? >> sean: no union. >> no health care. >> sean: i fell off a roof -- >> you should have been. >> sean: i broke my arm, busted up my teeth and i was basically told i was on my own. >> leslie says that unions fights for things. we sure know that now. we have evidence that they literally do fight when they don't get what they want. but the fact is that unions are going to lose $100 million over
9:39 pm
this. take away their money. they throw temper tantrums and they get violent. the fact is that when people are given the choice to unithe union or not, they choose not to join. they don't want the benefit it's. >> sean: why? -- >> provide them, but you shntd force people into it. >> sean: why force them. >> sean: basically, you have legalized stealing when the government through the unions forces people to do this or they can't work. why do you want to allow legalized stealing? >> i don't look at it that way at all, sean. do you want to work for a union -- or do you want to -- there are plenty of companies that are not union shops. don't go work for a union shop. >> sean: you can't work there unless you do what we say. >> as consumers, we will see what happens. we will see if there is a division. >> sean: you can't say you are pro-choice. >> i am as to what i buy and what companies and what type of workers-- i am sure every liberal hires union shops.
9:40 pm
>> i speak only for me. >> sean: you only hire union. >> i have mostly union workers for those jobs that have a union. but for those jobs that don't-- all right. good to see you. >> people won't be working. >> it's a choice. you can shop at the places that are hiring non-union employees. i will choose corporations i want to back? we have to go. bring out the crazies. it is time for this week's liberal rants from the radio airwaves. and by the way, they even came after me this week -- shocker.
9:41 pm
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witnessed in lansing, michigan, yesterday, is not the first time bullies have fought in the wake of a defeat. and the left-wing forces have come out swinging stronger than ever under president obama's watch. it's ironic, considering that the anointed one himself who quoted for more honest and civil discourse. let's take a look at the greatest hits from recent years. >> every once in a while, you have to get out in the streets and get a little blood when necessary. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]. >> trying to get away. >> get your camera out of my face! get your camera out of my face! >> i know what? everybody here's gotta vote. if we go back and keep our eye on the prize, let's take these [bleep] out and give america back to america where we belong. >> scott walker, we send you back to wisconsin as david did
9:46 pm
goliath. we cut your head off and go back into town singing a new song! >> i had a message for him, the bullies, scots walkert and bully governors across the country. we cannot ask for this fight. we didn't pick this fight. but if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you are going to get. >> nothing else! nothing else! we are here to win it! >> sean: joining me now to help us walk through these embarrassing left-wing instances are syndicated columnist and author, michelle malkin, welcome back. >> thanks for having me back? you really are keeping the left honest. you are calling them out for the extreme rhetoric they have and the case of governor snyder and this new legislation, there are calls for him to die a painful death. and it goes on, threats to his family appears. this is now a pattern, as we have been pointing out
9:47 pm
throughout the evening tonight. why don't you tell us what you have found? >> it is. beating a twitchy and my regular clmg and the work that i have done over the last 20 years has exposed the bully tactics of intimidation and physical violence and threats, by these big labor organizations that have long posed as the champions of the working class. what you have with barack obama and the union violence in the age of obama is this ugly alliance of people who pretend to be the arbiters of honest and civil discourse, while they turn around and then incite violence and hatred against their political enemies in a very literally bloody way. and the clips that you just played are really the tip of the iceberg. i think what is most notable about the last four years, five years in particular, is that we are not just talking about your rank-and-file union members, taken off the street.
9:48 pm
in fact, it is not rank-and-file union member who is agree at all. many of them abhor what their bosses are doing and what the thug in chief represents. certainly, president obama has egged on many of these big labor organizations. he certainly did on monday, as a precursor to the blood and the consequences that happened before the law was signed, the right-to-work law. but from may 2010, to the very present, my latest column documents many of these. you find that it's democratic congressmen like the congressman from massachusetts, telling the labor people to get a little bloody, that it's people like jimmy hoffa, jr., who has called for civil war. and richand trunka who gloated about nancy pelosi, quote, shoving obamacare down the throats of republicans and out their back sides. this is the kind of new tone of
9:49 pm
civility that obama represents, and you know what? once again, silence is complicity because we haven't heard a word condemnation from the white house about all of this. >> sean: it's interesting. i have a moppettage. the president often calls for civility. but that's only in the case of the tucson shooting. vinever seen an instance where he has taken on his own side in a sister soldier moment, as we call it. but he does lecture conservatives, republicans all the time in a lecture about civility. let me remind people. >> i do believe, there is hope for civility. i do believe there is hope for progress. >> i hope we will continue to engage each other with the spirit of civility and seriousness that has brought us this far. >> i still believe that we can act when it's har. i still believe we replace arimon wecivillity and gridlock with progress.
9:50 pm
i still believe we can do great things. >> sean: republicans want dirty air and water and kids with autism and down's syndrome to fight for themselves. >> as usual, the white house grants them a big, permanent waiver being a goalen ticket to big labor, when it issues all of these lofty edicts about civility and coming together. of course, big labor has been exempt. i think that we have to have a sense of history and perspective here, of course. nobody is surprised at the outbreak of violence and phis 50a cuffs that we see in -- 50 fisticuffs that we see. this is a representative for the white house who has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the white house. look at his history. i urge every viewer to learn the history of richard trunka and this non nonunion worker who was
9:51 pm
targeted because he didn't want to give in to the labor thugs and richard trunka never had to answer for the bloody consequences of that. there were u.m.w. captain who is were charged and prosecuted, based on that death. but it really go goes on and on. you look at the bloody marxist, harry bridges. and you look at the seiu, which issued manuals that called for many of these community groups to basically demonize and mob scene all of their political opponents. it is par for the course and the use of the persuasion of power to bring their enemies to their knees, saying people are standing up and fighting back. >> sean: always good to see you. thanks. >> you bet. >> sean: speeging of left-wing vitriole, the airwaves were full of vitriole. we will show examples. one even goes after fox news and
9:52 pm
little old me. coming up. coming up. straight and we can save you 10% on ground shipping over the ups store.
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look this isn't my first christmas. these deals all seem great at the time... but later... [ shirt ] merry christmas, everybody! not so much. ho ho ho! this isn't that kind of deal. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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9:55 pm
>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we know the left-wingers love to go on television and spew their hateful venom, but the liberal garbage over the radio airwaves can be worse. here with me to go over this
9:56 pm
week's disgufght material, brian maloney. how are you? >> good, sean. the progressive movement is built on hate. this makes it clear. i am wondering when the conservatives will emerge from their coma. i hope it was a nice rest. is this hait takes to get our side woken up to the reality of the other side? i tried to warn the people, the president used incendiary language, pretty nasty campaign. but, let's go to mike malloy. i knew him in my atlanta days. he was a little over the top then, but he has lost his mine now. listen to this bit of liberal love. >> it isn't a sucker punch. look at the video. they are face to face. cowardly little [bleep] they would have turned me limb from limb... he says he has a cut on his forehead and a chipped tooth from the skirmish. oh, really? there should be a lessong there. you know?
9:57 pm
you don't walk into a demonstration where people are struggling... to maintain something that has been in place for the past 75 years and is being ripped to pieces by these filthy [bleep] republicans. you don't walk into that and look for trouble because you will find it, crowder, you half wit. you did find it. congratulations to the guy who took a swing at you. you had it coming with your big mouth and snotty, arrogant comments? >> that's a loving, peaceful thing to say. >> you know, the enlightened progressives. but this is where they are coming from. and i mean, this is just par for the course from this movement. the real lesson they are trying to teach us is to not oppose their agenda. they want us gone. they are not here to work with us. they are here to eliminate us. >> sean: let's go to stephanie miller, who may seem like a harmless radio -- chestnuts
9:58 pm
roasting on an open fire. but there is a narrative. one of the worst things you can call somebody is what? a racist. but this is a narrative of the left to demonize and diminish conservatives. in this case, i'm the victim. listen to this. >> oh, gosh, you know, we are just in a holiday mood, aren't we? >> yes, we are.
9:59 pm
shoo she says he won't have time, the black guy's still in the white house, everything's a dog whistil, every conservative is race i felt. >> yeah, exactly! really, sean. we don't mind poking fun at ourselves, we are okay with that. if they weren't so nasty, they might be funny. >> sean: if they weren't so nasty, they might be funny. i don't think we will have time for that one. but one more. this is newsweek contributor, wayne barrett. >> this isn't ronald reagan and tip o'neill. this is thug party. >> these people hate him. >> you know? mitch mcconnell said t. he said, you know, our number-1 priority's to make sure he is a one-term president. >> now he is saying, his goaling number 1 is to

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